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Oil Recovery Kit

$7.50 +IVU PR

HoneyStick Oil Recovery Kit Includes:
2 x Filling Syringes
4 Blunt Tip Needles
2 Syringe Caps
1 PG/VG 3ml Mixer Liquid

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Honey Stick Elf Auto Draw Battery For Oils

$18.50 +IVU PR

The HoneyStick ELF Vape Kit Contains:
1 x The ELF Button-Less Battery
1 x Vape Cartridge / Tank
1 x Magnetic Adapter
1 x Micro USB Charging Cable

The Elf Auto Draw Conceal Oil Vaporizer features:
– Fits most wide tanks (11mm wide opening)
– Buttonless design 
– 510 Adapter 
– 3.7 Volts output 
– Auto Feature 
– Performance Ceramic Tank 
– High Capacity 350mAh Battery 
– High End Aluminum Body 
The ELF dimensions:
L: 2.25″(57mm) W: 1.28″(32.5mm) H: 0.65″(16.5mm)

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Mini Max Pro Car Oil Battery

$18.00 +IVU PR

MiniMax PRO Package Includes: 
1 X MiniMax PRO 510 Thread, Push Button Flip FOB Vape Pen / Battery
1 X USB Cable Charger
1 X User Manual

MiniMax PRO Highlights:
– 510 Thread Stealth Push Button Flip FOB Vape Battery
– 650 mAh Battery
– Variable Voltage w/ 3 Temperature Settings
(3.6V BLUE, 3.8V WHITE and 4.0V RED)
– Dimensions: 3” L x 1.5” W x 0.8” H
– 11.6 mm wide cartridge pocket
– Loading Resistance: 0.8 Ohm
– Advanced Pre-Heat Function
– Micro USB Cable charging port
– Short Circuit Protection

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High Roller Vape Kit 3 in 1 Herb, Oils, Cnc

$32.00 +IVU PR

High Roller Vape Kit includes:

– Custom Painted Beekeeper 2.0 Oil Vape Pen battery
(High Capacity 650mAh / 20W / 4V Output Vape Battery)
– Mini MOD Dimensions: 1.23″W x 2.65″H 0.8″D
– High Performance 510 Oil Cartridge
– The Phantom, Dry Herb Attachment
– The Silencer, Dab / Wax Atomizer
– Micro USB Charger Cable
– 1x Magnetic Adapter

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Phantom 2 in 1 Vape For Concentrates And Oils

$42.00 +IVU PR

The Squeeze Box Phantom has the amazing features: 
-2 in 1  unit works with essential oils and concentrates. 
-1 x Vape Tank for Oil
-1 x Bonus Vape Tank for WAX
-Works Perfect with wider glass tanks
-Top rated dual quartz concentrates atomizer
-Squeeze action trigger.
– 4 Different Voltage Settings:
3.4V, 3.6V, 3.8V and 4.0V
-Preheating functionality
-1000 MAH Ultra high Capacity battery

Phantom dimensions:
L: 2.67″(68mm) W: 1.5″(38.1mm) H: 0.64″(16.2mm)
10.8 mm wide cartridge opening

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AeroBee Digital Oil Vaporizer

$48.00 +IVU PR

AeroBee Digital Vaporizer for 510 Thread Vape Cartridges
– Watt / Temperature Control Modes
– High Capacity Battery 800 mAh
– Aerospace Aluminum Body

AeroBee Digital Concealer Kit Contains: 
1 x 800 mAh AeroBee MOD Battery
1 x Micro USB Charging Cable
2 x Magnet Adapters / Connectors
1 x User Manual
Note: NO Cartridge / VapeTank Included

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Honey Stick Brand New Flower Vape HRB Turbo Dry Herb Vape

$67.00 +IVU PR

HRB Turbo Herb Vaporizer Highlights:

– 3 Amazing Color Options
– Ceramic Heating Chamber
– Vibrating Temperature Indication
– 2 Mouthpiece Options
– 3 Temperature Settings: 392°F, 410°F, and 428°F
– 4V Output
– Micro USB Charging Port

The HRB Turbo Vape Kit Includes:

1x HRB Turbo Dry Herb Vaporizer
2x Mouthpiece
1x Micro USB Charging Cable
1x Cleaning Brush

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Bee master twin Double Cart Battery

$34.00 +IVU PR

Double Cartridge Vaporizer System – The HoneyStick BeeMaster-Twin

Introducing the latest groundbreaking innovation from The HoneyStick; creators of award-winning vapes for connoisseurs. The BeeMaster double cartridge vaporizer system is the world’s first draw-activated (2x) double hitting vape cart battery! The BeeMaster-Twin double vape Patents Pending innovation will enable connoisseurs to benefit from a newly gained “mixing and matching” capability. Finally with The BeeMaster-Twin double vape; you can imagine any creative pairing that you can come up with (for example Indica/Sativa, THC/CBD, etc.) by coming up with strain combinations that don’t naturally exist in flower strain form. Beyond the mixing and matching notion 2x vape cartridges is more volume of vape than 1x vape cartridge use; with The BeeMaster-Twin double vape – doubling up the amount of vapor when you draw improves the vape cartridge experience to an entirely new level. It’s easy to change out the cartridges since they use magnetic thread adapters you can simply tug and remove the cartridges and drop a new one in.

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